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The Takeout podcast: Misinformation and the metaverse

Explaining Web3: From the blockchain and crypto to NFTs and the metaverse

Explaining Web3, the so-called "next phase of the internet"

Frances Haugen: Tech companies should build privacy into the metaverse now

Facebook whistleblower fears Meta's plan for the metaverse

Cybersecurity experts warn software flaw threatens millions of users globally

Trump social media venture facing major hurdles

Gateway to the metaverse: Top AR glasses and VR headsets you can buy right now

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey steps down

The Metaverse is already here: 5 companies building our virtual reality future

Climate change conspiracies spread rapidly across the internet during the COP26 summit

Climate change conspiracies are spreading rapidly during UN's COP26 event

Facebook changes company name to Meta

Senate subcommittee grills social media platforms over algorithms and mental health impact

Facebook internal documents show execs knew platform spread misinformation and failed to act

Leaked Facebook documents show employees' frustration over response to January 6 attack

How Anonymous hacked Trump

Apple releases MacBook Pro powered by new processors

Ron Watkins says he's running for Congress

QAnon promoter announces run for Arizona congressional seat

Rolling Stone: Charlottesville Lawsuit Aims to Bleed Tiki Torch-Wielding White Nationalists Dry

QAnon promoter Ron Watkins is running for Congress in Arizona

Facebook bans developer for creating news feed deleting extension

Steve Jobs could see the future

Microsoft ditches passwords with Windows 11

Twitch blames "malicious third party" for data breach

The art and science of table-top games

Facebook's tech systems stopped talking to the internet

Major outage hits Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook whistleblower reveals identity on "60 Minutes"

Epik data breach exposes people linked to far-right extremist groups

Facebook pauses development of Instagram Kids amid criticism

QAnon power vacuum on Telegram is being exploited by antisemitic extremists

FBI monitoring "Justice for J6" rally chatter on social media

Apple patches security flaw in operating system

Apple unveils the iPhone 13: Here's what's new and what it'll cost

Judge rules against Apple in App Store dispute with Epic Games

Inside Genesis: The market created by cybercriminals to make millions selling your digital identity

A look at cybercriminal market "Genesis"

Howard University resumes in-person classes following ransomware attack

These everyday things didn't exist before 9/11. Now they're trillion-dollar industries.

A Faster Horse - This Week in Tech

China’s government cracks down on how long minors can play online video games

How the Taliban utilized social media platforms during Afghanistan takeover

The world's top ransomware gangs have created a cybercrime "cartel"

How the internet outage affected companies

Cyberweapons are now in play: From US sabotage of a North Korean missile test to hacked emergency sirens in Dallas

The internet is a wasteland of disinformation. Here's how to fix it.

Ukraine is a testbed for global cyberattacks that will target major infrastructure

Blinken: Cyberdefense demands a collective response

Angels of Death

ISIS Wants Me

Watch a 3D-printed hand play Nintendo

What we learned from the Epic Games v. Apple lawsuit

Hackers are attacking the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain

Why tech experts are skeptical of the Trump social network

Schools have become the leading targets of ransomware attacks

What is the QAnon conspiracy theory?

Clever new phishing scam targets unemployed New Yorkers

Facebook's Chris Cox: Misinformation or Disinformation?

Facebook plans to help 50 million users get vaccinated

International hackers breach thousands of security cameras

"Facebook is a behavior modification system"

"The Biden campaign was a victim of disinformation"

"These platforms are creating divisiveness because they encourage information ghettos "

QAnon believers hit with disappointment after Biden's inauguration