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‘Violence for hire’: Trend emerging on dark web

Cybersixgill News

How Section 230 protects online speech

Here's how cybercriminals make millions selling digital identities on the dark web

The Barn Has Left the Horse - This Week in Tech

Meta faces backlash for Instagram changes

Mark Zuckerberg to face deposition over Cambridge Analytica

Second Life creator Philip Rosedale says the metaverse is "powerful" and "lonely"

Microsoft, other tech companies increase layoffs, slow hiring

Elon Musk and Twitter prepare for legal battle

Voyager Digital suspends crypto trading activity

FCC wants TikTok removed from app stores

Big Tech faces questions on helping law enforcement prosecute abortions

The Daily Show | Women Advised to Delete Period Tracking Apps

How overturned Roe v. Wade could impact digital privacy

Twitter's board of directors urges shareholders to approve sale to Elon Musk

Lawmakers demand Google take action against misleading abortion information

Ben McKenzie explains the crypto crash

Elon Musk lays out plans at meeting with Twitter staff

Elon Musk addresses Twitter employees amid takeover bid

Market fraud and skepticism fuel crash of cryptocurrency

Google puts engineer on leave after claiming artificial intelligence has become sentient

Top tech companies facing hiring freezes, layoffs amid effort to cut costs

Tech employees facing lack of job stability as stocks struggle

Vice President Kamala Harris targeted by racist, sexist tweets

A new report finds that hateful tweets directed at Harris are rampant

Elon Musk remains hesitant on buying Twitter

Hackers steal $360,000 in NFTs, raising ongoing security concerns

Apple unveils new tech and iOS features at WWDC 2022

TechWatch: Fortnite returns to mobile devices

Billionaire twins set to lay off 10% of workforce

Apps to help plan summer fun

Sheryl Sandberg steps down from Meta, Elon Musk cracks down on remote work

Uvalde gunman displayed warning signs on social media app Yubo

TechWatch: Anti-gun bots wreak havoc on social media

Gov. Abbott says Texas suspect messaged on Facebook right before shooting

D.C. sues Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal

TechWatch: Tech giants fighting against new Texas social media law

Discord messages appear to show Buffalo supermarket shooting suspect's months of planning

Online posts reveal Buffalo shooting suspect planned attack for months

Trump's Truth Social fails to produce ad revenue

Elon Musk says Twitter deal "on hold" over spam accounts

Elon Musk deal to buy Twitter is on hold

Apple discontinuing the iPod after more than 20 years

Analysis: Elon Musk says he would reverse former President Trump's twitter ban

Musk says he would reverse Twitter's ban on Trump

Brokers able to sell data on abortion clinics

MyPillow CEO gets banned from Twitter again

Nike sells "dunk genesis cryptokicks" for thousands

Trump Says He Won’t Return to Twitter Even with Elon Musk in Charge

Congress members gained, lost followers after Elon Musk purchased Twitter

Elon Musk reaches deal to buy Twitter

Elon Musk buys Twitter for $44 billion

Twitter reportedly finalizing deal with Elon Musk

Multiple U.S. Apple stores push to unionize

Netflix suffered its biggest stock loss in nearly 20 years, losing more than $50 billion dollars in market value.

Netflix stock price plummets after company announces losing 200,000 subscribers

Former Twitter CEO rebukes company's board amid billionaire Elon Musk's takeover bid

Auction for NFT of Jack Dorsey's first tweet extended after top bid of $280

Elon Musk accused of market manipulation over Twitter shares

Elon Musk reverses decision to join Twitter's board of directors

Facebook parent company Meta to reportedly launch new digital token

Elon Musk hints that "significant improvements" could be coming to Twitter

The ransomware wars: Here's how much cash the top gangs reel in

Two executives with former President Trump's Truth Social app quit

How crypto and NFT scams work

Don't fall for these crypto and NFT scams

New tech, old scams: Don't fall for these crypto and NFT ripoffs

One of the biggest flaws of web3 is the lack of regulation, says Molly White

Russia ramps up cyberattacks and disinformation amid war in Ukraine

You’ve heard of the Metaverse. Here’s what it looks like.

Inside the metaverse

Russian ransomware actors could lash out in retaliation

Ukraine war sanctions could spur Russian cyberattacks on U.S.

Russian cyberattacks on Ukrainian government websites continue

Apple enables cryptocurrency payments

How misinformation and conspiracy theories spread along with protests in Canada

Jason Rubin: Gaming will populate the metaverse

The arrival of web3

Tim O'Reilly: Pump the breaks on web3 products like cryptocurrency and NFTs

Tim O'Reilly on Web3: "Get ready for the crash"

Magic Internet Money - This Week in Tech

Apple's privacy changes hit Meta's bottom line

Spotify responds to backlash over Joe Rogan's controversial podcast

AT&T and Verizon delay launch of 5G networks in some areas

Several Ukrainian government websites breached in massive cyberattack

Why 2022 is the year virtual and augmented reality will come to life

Many Americans say social media makes it harder to distinguish fact from fiction

How disinformation shaped January 6th

Health, wellness and food technology headline CES 2022

Fun tech and gadgets at CES 2022

CES 2022: "The show will and must go on”

The tech to expect at CES 2022