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Democracy and Journalism in The Age of AI-Enabled Disinformation

Deadly Competent - This Week in Tech

The FairShare Podcast

Synthetic media: A dark new frontier for innovation

Navigating journalism in the disinformation age: The growing threats of AI and deepfake technology

I'm joining Blackbird.AI

The mysterious life of Thomas King Forçade, the High Times Publisher who shaped counterculture

Generative AI systems have a “staggering environmental impact,” warns expert

Back to school with AI

AI-generated misinformation is a threat to public safety and democracy, expert warns

AI won't take your job, but it might transform your career

How to preserve creative professions in an AI-powered future

Data-driven agriculture: John Deere seeds farm innovation with AI

Beyond fear: Microsoft's new vision for AI in cybersecurity

The AI GPU wars intensify as demand surges

Why we must embrace a global approach to AI governance

Generative AI is training the next generation of hackers

Grammarly for coders: The future of generative AI and programming

Disinformation and AI: The new era of cyber conflict

The global average cost of a data breach soared to an all-time high of $4.45 million

Decoding AI ethics: Bias, regulation, and the environment

Navigating the AI policy roadmap: How to create trustworthy safety standards

Is AI a climate change carbon bomb, or the path to sustainability?

How Salesforce plans to bring trust to generative AI systems for business

Amazon’s four-pronged strategy for responsible AI development

The future of Xbox gaming is in the cloud

Real-Time deepfake detection: How Intel Labs uses AI to fight misinformation

How AI is reshaping the gig economy

Leo is Awful - This Week in Tech

20 years of WordPress: Inside the world's most popular publishing platform

Regulating artificial intelligence isn't just prudent—it's urgent

How a surge in disinformation and radicalization could tank Twitter

Young Zhao: "AI will remove many jobs"

Kathy Baxter: Here's what could go wrong if we don't take AI safety seriously

Ben Goertzel: Humanity is "quite close" to developing human-level AI

Pascal Kaufmann: Generative AI is a "revolution"

AI expert and metaverse pioneer Philip Rosedale: AI should be "free like air"


Apple WWDC Recap: Vision Pro, iOS 17, and new Macs

Artificial intelligence systems trained on internet data could cause societal harm

Dakota Town Hall: Robot Bankers

Muck Rack: The state of AI in PR

ZDNet: ChatGPT looms large at Google I/O

Generative AI is transforming cybersecurity: A double-edged sword for attackers and defenders

The search engine showdown: How generative AI created a new market for Google competitors

Intelligence Explosion - This Week in Tech

Narrow artificial ingelligence, AGI, and the future of human work

The Twitter Files: Viral nonsense

United Nations CITO: Artificial intelligence will be humanity’s final innovation

ChatGPT is more like an 'alien intelligence' than a human brain, says futurist

Pascal Kauffman: The quantified intelligence of ChatGPT is zero

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